Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce


Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce™ is a nutritional birdseed supplement that contains all natural, 100% food grade ingredients with a super-hot and spicy flavor. Birds love the taste of this liquid chili pepper formula exploding with tons of Cajun spice. Chock full of vitamins A and D as well as carotene, chili peppers are an excellent natural source of nutrition for birds. When mixed with your favorite birdseed, Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce is a 100% all natural and chemical free way to get more bird visits than ever before. Cole’s line of HOT products are guaranteed to make your feeders an exclusive Birds-Only café.

Ingredients:  Food-grade Liquid Habanero Chili Pepper, Soybean Oil

  • Get more bird visits than ever before!
  • 100% All natural and chemical free ingredients.
  • The hottest formula of food grade chili concentrate ready to mix with your favorite seed. Just remember to wear gloves and wash up after mixing.
  • No diluting necessary – ready to use instantly.
  • While most effective with shelled seeds and nuts, it works wonders on all types of wild bird feed, seed, and suet.
  • Bluebirds, cardinals, wrens, buntings, finches – along with most beautiful songbirds can’t get enough of this Cajun delight.
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